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This Month, Make it Matter!

April 2012 is Make it Matter Month! Raise $500 during the month of April, and get even closer to your fundraising goal! This year, we're making it easier than ever: 

Raise $500 during the month of April, and you'll receive $100 credit toward your fundraising goal!

Or go above and beyond: Raise $1000, and you'll receive ANOTHER $100 credit, and be even closer to Diamond Club status!

Still haven't registered? Now's your chance to Be a TEN! Register this month at the full $75 registration fee and you will receive a $100 fundraising credit.

Watch Our Video:

Take a moment to watch our video for Make it Matter Month, and get motivated to make your April matter. Remember, this month is all about inspiring donations, so don’t forget to share this video about our historic Tenth Year Strong with your friends, family and coworkers through email, Facebook and Twitter. Share our message with as many people as possible and watch your donations sky rocket during the month of April.

Getting Started:

Reach your $500 OR $1000 goal with these easy-to-follow tips! You'll be there before you know it. Whether you've just started fundraising, or are working toward the Diamond Club, this year is YOUR chance to make a difference.  Help us make our tenth year the strongest yet!
  1. Personalize your page.
  2. Send emails from your Participant Centre.
  3. Activate your social media by posting about your goal on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Ask for donations face to face.
  5. Don't be afraid to make the BIG ask!
  6. Join an Open Team.
  7. Register a friend and get a $100 credit toward your goal!

12_MIMM_Guide_EnJust click here to download our Make it Matter month Guide for a sure path to fundraising success!


Become Inspired:

Watch our video from Christine Anderson of Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to become inspired to raise those Make it Matter Month funds! Don't forget to share it with your Circle of Hope through email and on Facebook to get those donations:

Looking for some more tips from an experienced walker? Check out our video from 10 Year Weekend Veteran Randy Mellon for some awesome tips on how to keep those donations rolling in!